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Who we are 

Feikje Lasut en Anne Braun

What we do

We work together with the same passion for design and we focus on

interior architecture, concept design and styling.

Together we are stronger and have a lot of fun doing what we do. 

We use a personal approach towards our clients.

We design and simply guide our clients to the best result.

The need to continually surprise the client is becoming our challenge.

We base our concepts on the story that already exists below the surface

and is whispering to come out.  


We will make sure the story is told.

We bring a concept to life with our stories, sketches, mood boards,

materials, 2D en 3D drawings and create an experience.

We look for a mix between functionality, character and appearance.

We love to inspire people, make statements and see happy en confused 


"We design inspiring spaces, create meaningful concepts

and love to tell stories with our design." 


We hope to meet you soon!


interior architecture, concept design & styling



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