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Fast Forward

Fast Forward

fast forward/ true or false / no boundries/ buy the change/ fastness / 8 seconds for interaction / tactility/ new doesn’t longer exist/ fake it till you make it/ false the new truth/ no boundries / in the cloud/ modern art/ reflection

Social media platforms let us show the great journeys of our friends and the most beautifull beaches, Islands and colorfull food of this world. You have to travel to be a part of this group! Travel is a new lifestyle. For the “Thalyss identity” you can listen sound taken ad the real destination and hear the sound of the place you want to go to.

Many colours, traditions, materials and changing structures. Please notice the you tube film of Prince I.A. it’s about interaction between people in this fake world versus the real world having meaningfull conversation. Blurring and Alfha Ritme, everything is about data even in our head. What is relevant, so what do we want to sell to our customer? New doesn’t exist annymore.

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commissioned by Shapes

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